Are Muslims Really Terrorists?

Are Muslims Really Terrorists? – Quick Guide

Are Muslims Really Terrorists? – Quick Guide


Are Muslims Really Terrorists?

Today we will look at… Are Muslims really Terrorists?


Well, what can I say…


Islam is a faith of love and peace and perfection. It’s sad to see that we live in a society today where some Muslims have been brainwashed by fanatics or a conspiracy led towards them.


Muhammad(saw) was the man who bought the message of Islam and perfected it to mankind? Right! Not people who we see making headlines on our screens today. So it’s sad to judge a whole faith according to a few acts from minorities.


A quote from the Holy Qur’an


” To take 1 life is like taking the life of Humanity and to save 1 life is like saving the life of Humanity”


When it talks about fighting it’s only in the means to self-defend you and your families and your true beliefs. Everyone has the right in this world to fight and protect what they dearly believe in. So be that your property or your children. We all have the right to self-defense if we get attacked and I’m sure we all agree on that.


But events like Sept 11’th in America and 7/7 here in my home country the UK are clearly wrong and are carried out by haters who have misunderstood Islam from a good pure heart.


Islam does not permit to take Innocent lives at all cost!


So OK! Let’s say you are in a classroom and 1 boy farts and causes a stinker in the classroom … Who does the Teacher punish and tell to leave? The very 1 boy and not the whole classroom! It would be completely unfair if the whole classroom got blamed for causing a stinker when in actuality it’s a few bunches who do it.


The same scenario goes for some Muslims who cause a stinker and then people blame Islam and the whole Muslim population for causing that stinker. Simply Unfair!


Good Muslims who love Islam dearly and live a life abiding by good and honesty and peace will continue to live their lives. So when you see them around in their beards and headscarves – do not mock them or make faces – The reality is that they have a really nice heart and are living peacefully but it’s narrow-minded people who fail to understand the whole truth from a pure heart.


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