Connecting with Allah

Connecting with Allah – Best Practise

Connecting with Allah

Connecting with Allah

Asalaamu Alaykum Brothers & Sisters,

Connecting with Allah

It is a blessing from Allah the greatest that we can enjoy another Ramadan.

It seems like it was only yesterday that we celebrated Eid, and here we are again… Have we improved, have we benefited.

How many people have we farewelled+3., who did not have the opportunity to benefit from this Ramadan.

With our intention to Fast in place, it is our duty to submit to Allah and show our gratitude by Fasting with complete Taqwa.

What is Taqwa; it’s an Islamic concept that is interpreted as being conscious of Allah.

It has many further understandings and interpretations such as meaning piousness, fear of Allah, love for Allah, and self-restraint.

Having Taqwa allows you to be constantly aware of Allah and a reminder of your relationship and responsibility to Allah as His creation and servant.

So what is your Action Plan for Allah’s Pleasure

Don’t settle for standards this month, challenge yourself to be better and seek to exceed and be rewarded.

Clear your relations with other creatures of Allah, forgive them, and turn a new page.

Today is your day, you are that Special Person, why? Allah has Granted You Life and Guided You to Islam.

Ramadan is a special month to Allah when the Quran was revealed, to a special person the Prophet Muhamad (peace and blessings upon him), to a special nation with special blessings of Forgiveness, Mercy, and Reward so that you may attain Taqwa.

Allah affirms his relationship with us when He says in verse [2:183] “O you who believe” He is referring to us and then goes on to explain how we can improve our relationship with Him through the process of Fasting.

The One most deserving of Thanks and Praise from people is Allah simply due to the great favors and blessings that He has bestowed upon His slaves in both spiritual and worldly terms.

Allah has commanded us to give thanks to Him for those blessings, and not to deny them.

Allah says “Therefore remember Me. I will remember you, and be grateful to Me and never be ungrateful to Me” [2:152]

Allah continues to express His special connection with His slave by offering us amazing blessings during the month of Ramadan and no other, to name a few:

Connecting with Allah

  • Any Sunnah or Nufil pray has the same reward as a Fard pray
  • Every night Allah chooses people he’ll save from the Fire and grant them Jannah
  • Completing your evening prayers with the Emam will grant you the reward of a person who has prayed all night.

Now you should Feel Special,

So Be Special and don’t take this special month for granted

Connecting with Allah



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